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heart2heart - My Heart's Content - Angela Hughes - 2 x paperback

heart2heart - My Heart's Content - Angela Hughes - 2 x paperback

Two copies of My Heart's Content to read & share with a friend. Free postage to one address in UK or Ireland.


When Angela Hughes collapses in a hospital car park, the news is catastrophic. The only thing that will save her life is a heart transplant.


Over seventeen days, as she waits in hospital for a donor, Angela takes us on an incredible journey. With unflinching honesty, she recounts what it is like to be caught between an operation of impossible magnitude and its alternative, certain death.


My Heart’s Content is a fearless examination of a life in the balance. Contrary to expectations, moments of joy and laughter are plentiful. Pleasure is in the tiny details. When nothing is certain, and all tomorrows are fading fast, real strength comes with a renewed appreciation of the things that truly matter.


paperback, 336 pages.

ISBN 9781838133306

                                                                                       . . .


“With brutal clarity and the sharpest of prose, Hughes cuts herself open to expose the bravery and fear that must lie under the skin of every transplant patient. And throughout, she never shies from the truth – that her life depends on another’s death.”

Karen Campbell, author of Rise and The Sound Of The Hours


“The phrase ‘you couldn’t make it up’ has never been more aptly applied than to this joyous gut-punch of a book.”

Iain Maloney, author of The Only Gaijin In The Village and The Waves Burn Bright


“A unique and fascinating insight into the unparalleled experience of heart transplantation, this captivating story reveals both the vulnerability and strength of the author.”

Dr John Sharp, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Scottish National Advanced Heart Failure Service

“A talented writer, an unforgettable journey.”

Victoria Gosling, Berlin Writing Prize



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